Monday, July 21, 2008

Six Flags

Yesterday I went to six flags, along with Sarah, Kristina, and DJ. It was really fun. I was chosen to do a cat walk in the beginning of the day, for a chance to win prizes. When it came time for the crowd to cheer for the winner, it was dead quiet. You could have heard a pen drop. Ha ha

I was also chosen to be a star in the CSI live show. I was hooked up to a lie detector, and asked questions regarding a murder that happened during a magic show that went bad, due to the fact that i was a key suspect. I was later found innocent though.

There is also a new ride at six flags called x2. It was by far one of my favorite rides, along with scream, riddler, batman, and goliath. X2 is crazy you do flips the whole time your on it, and you go by flames of fire that are supper hot.

We also saw just about every character that six flags has from batman and flash, to tazmanian devil.

Overall I had a blast at six flags, for only quarter of the price Disneyland would cost. They do a great job of not just having random rides in places but having a whole theme along with the ride, and things to look at while your in line for the ride.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie Review

This morning at midnight, i saw The dark Night. It was a very good movie, a little bit long 2 45 minutes. But besides that great movie. Tonight I saw Mama Mia. Horrible movie. Dont waste your time seeing it, it is just a musical of a girl trying to find out who her real dad is before she gets married, horrible dont see it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Taco Tuesday

As a lot of you may now, tuesday is taco Tuesday. At Del Taco you can get 3 tacos for $1.09. Me and Dj decided we would bet each other who could eat the most Tacos. Most of you are probably thinking they probably ate like 10 11 at max. Nope we were sure feeling like crap at 10, but we went to 18 1/2 tacos. We would have keep putting the tacos down, but they came up before we could put another one down.

Cop Day

I just got home from being out for the past couple of days and i thought it would be a good time about some of the things that have happened. On wednesday Morning me and DJ decided to go and body board at creek. Along with everyone else all though it is technically illegal, you pull over to the side and check out the waves making sure it is good enough to stop. As we are looking on at the waves i hear a cop siren. So i go into the parking lot and the Lady Pig follows me and tells me that what i did was illegal and that she will give me a warning this time. Later on that day after work i am driving to the beach from creek, i get pulled over again. This time the officer is totally cool though, he pulled me over and asked me what i was doing i told him and he was cool. He just told me that my car looked suspicious from a report he heard. And he knew it wasnt me becuase i was all sweaty and dirty and in my Albertsons uniform. Then later that night again me and Dj and Sarah and Kristina are driving back to our cars from a late night snack at harbor house. As we pull into the parking lot, there is an officer there and he comes over to us. He tells everyone but me that there out past curfew and they have to call there moms. He just let me go. He had to take Dj home due to the fact that his phone was dead and he has no ID. That was my Day of hell with the cops. three in one day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


A week ago, people here in south orange county that aren't purple and gold lovers, were in Awe of amazement. That sense of amazement Crashed and burned and buried it self deep in the ground. Today, for clipper fans has been a day of heart ache, a sense of betrayal is felt through all of us. Today We lost one if not for sure two great players, and possibly one that wont be signing with us after all. Today we lost Elton Brand to the 76ers, Corey maggette to the golden state warriors, and possibly Baron Davis who probably wont be signing with the clippers after all (He cancled his news conference he had down here, giving everyone this belief). I want to burn my Elton Brand Jeresy. I want to Swith my loyalty to the lakers who keep on making all the right moves. I wish for once The Clippers wont just be the Clippers, But they will be the Clippers. I read a great article on this written by probably one of the greatest sports writers JA Adande.

Today is a day that will live in emphany. Stay Strong Clipper fans

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Bad

I have realized that i have left my loyal readers in the dark about what has been happening to me these last couple of weeks. It has been a crazy few weeks. First of all I am now a Highschool graduate. No big deal now adays, now im just more qualified to get a job flipping burgers at the BK lounge.
I got a cool lap top from my grandparents and my aunt from long beach. And some other cool presents, and a lot of cash.
I have been enjoying this summer quite a bit. I have been going to the beach a lot, and i have a season pass to wild rivers. Im getting pretty tan. Other than laying out in the sun, I have been working a lot, and just hanging out with my friends.
Sorry again for the delay in the Posts, but it is summer and I have to get as much sun as possibe. I will try to post once a week again as I was doing in the past.
Thanks for reading, and God Bless

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol

I have been a huge fan of American Idol for about three years. It first started becuase I loved to see people make a fool of themselves, in the beginning auditions. Last night as many of you know was the finale for this season, and the winner was David Cook. I am glad Cook won over David Archuleta. I began the season being a fan for David Archuleta though. But as time went on and all Archuleta was singing was ballads, I found my true fanship going over towards Cook, escpecially on idol gives back week. Sure David is a great singer, but i am more glad that he won becuase of the stuff he does off of the stage. He is a great person, who has gone through struggles. As I found out from Rachel, he wears his orange Wristband for one of his fans that has leukemia. He has worn this wristband on everyshow this whole season. His brother has Cancer also. And David himself even has heart troubles, having to go to the hospital after one of his performances a few weeks ago. David Cook hasn't told us this publicly, there have been reports leaking out. One of the reasons why he hasnt told us is that he doesnt want a sympathy vote from us. I know David Cook will do great things with the money that he makes over his career, with donating it to find a cure for cancer and several other charities. For these reasons I believe Cook is an American Idol.

Here is my favorite performance by David cook if you haven't heard him sing before